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Named after the man himself, the words of Grilyi stand at the heart of this religion. The rules given by Grilyi resonate with its followers, that follow it to this day without question. As the few priests would say, the answer will present itself once the people follow the rules.  
We are all equal, for we are all born the same way.
— The First Rule of Grilyi

From Observation to Belief

Legends go that Grilyi once walked the face of the earth. He was a normal human being, minding his business at first. He loved to travel and thus set out to see the world one day.   As the days went by, he observed how unfair the world was. There was an imbalance in power between people and between species. Upon seeing his, he wanted to try and make a change. He began to preach his Four Rules to anyone that would listen. He would travel from village to village, from town to town, from city to city to make himself heard.   After a little while, his rules began to catch on and people started following him. They would travel along, preach the same rules to all those who would listen and encourage those that believed to walk the path with them. The group grew immensely to the point that they were with too many to move together.   By Grilyi's leadership, the mass of people found a place to settle and to follow the Four Rules with the entire community. A few people would travel to spread the word further while Grilyi's stayed behind to manage and help the community.
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1. We are equal, for we are born the same way.

2. We own nothing, for we always share.

3. We help each other, for we need each other.

4. We share information, for we require improvements.

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