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Rooted deep within Gwenash society stands the Holy Order of Gnireknit. This order of tinkerers has spread the philosophy among gnomes that their life would not be complete without tinkering. They encourage the gnomes to follow the wisdom of the Master Tinkerer through the Holy Manual that they wrote in ancient times.  
Live to tinker, because tinkering is life.
— Text from the Holy Manual

Philosophy over Worship

Gnireknit is more of a philosophy, rather than a full blown religion. While the gnomes trust the words of the Master Tinkerer, there is no such thing as clear worship. Within this philosophy, it is important that one always thinks for themselves too. However, keeping the words close to their heart will provide extra guidance in difficult times.   While there is no clear revering the Master Tinkerer, that doesn't mean they aren't worshipped at all. It is common for Gnomes following this path to have a pocket shrine when they are travelling. When they want to communicate with the Master Tinkerer they can set it up quickly and do their preferred ritual. Often, they ask for guidance, or to supply them with a hint to make their innovations a little bit better. Some use the Master Tinkerer as their rubber ducky in hopes of gaining a revelation.  
Hey MT, I know it's been a while, but I'd love your help with this annoying problem. Mind if I explain it to you?
— A young gnome asking the Master Tinkerer for help
  Revelations or gifts obtained from the Master Tinkerer are handled with the utmost importance throughout society. While the philosophy is vital, tying it to a somewhat tangible person helps these gnomes believe.
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