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In a time long before Puratis was founded, the Aldir constructed Fonderatio. They placed the fountain on top of Curatio Springs. It is yet unknown why and what they did with it.   A small group of wood elves discovered the fountain when on the run from the dwarves. At first, they used the fountain like a well, a source of water themselves and the lands. However, over time they discovered that the water from the well had healing powers. This healing power got absorbed by the crop who were given the water from the well, but in lesser form. A simple ketish could suddenly mend minor cuts, cure infections and inflammations, or slightly ease the pain of minor wounds. Drinking the pure water from the fountain could cure major diseases and wounds.   The spring was a blessing to the wood elves. Convinced that faith determined they would find it, they built a temple around the fountain. To take water from the fountain, a person had to bring an offering to help the temple in one way or another. Many offerings were accepted.   As time went by, the wood elves would return to their home abandoning the temple. There were few who tried to keep up with the newfound tradition, but there was no one to replace them once they were gone. The rain battered the stone, the plants got through causing cracks, turning the once beautiful fountain to ruins.   In present day, there are only rumours about this place. There is only one scroll left that describes the place in old Elvish, which, when translated, states:  
Heed all, that seek our help
Find us up north, where the greens are lush
Go to the center, and scour the land
For you shall find Fonderatio, to heal your wounded

Bring your offering, for the temple demands it
The well shall heal you, your wounds becomes history
Be careful what you ask, for there is only little
Take more thank you need, and you will be punished
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203 AD
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