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At the heart of Yurin society, all of whom are high elves, are the Eilmari. Named after their city Eilmaris, these high elves take the utmost pride in their existence. However, with that pride comes a unique set of quirks as well.  
Hah, I know high elves don't like water, but you Eilmari truly are the worst. Not even een shower?! Really?!
— A dwarf mocking his high elf companion

Social Diversity

When a child turns five years old, the parents hand them over to the village elders. They teach the children everything they need to know on how to function within the Eilmari society. These teachings vary from learning the Elvish language to an advanced level, how to defend yourself in the wild, which trees carry fruits that can be foraged and which trees to stay away from. It is vital to the survival of high elves. Furthermore, another important lesson they learn is how to purify water to take a shower. Since high elfs do not like water at all, they must avoid it at all cost. They are taught this by the elders. However, in order to take a shower and clean oneself, the children must learn how to purify water. They also need this purified water to drink, or prepare drinks.   In larger cities, children are taught by their community elders. The difference in community is largely related to the social status of the parents. Therefore, the teachings could vary from one elder to another, depending at which level of society they are operating. Children with a higher social status will learn less about survival, and more about political issues and building lasting business relationships. These children bear the burden of their parents expectations for them to do well and rise to the same level as them.   Growing up as an Eilmari, children are taught from a young age that social diversity is very important. The elders believe it helps the children grow and understand others when they are exposed to different perspectives. Special exchange programs exist to facilitate in this matter. High elf children will swap with other high elf children and spend a month with the other parents. The exchange should provide them with new insights on how other families perform certain tasks and how they view life.
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