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Have you ever come eye to eye with a Black Dragon? Let me tell you something, you don't want to do that, ever. Not even accidentally, like I did. The steam came from its nose, and his green eyes piercing through my soul. I ran as hard as I could, and, believe me, I'm lucky to be able to tell you the tale.
— Wonders of the Long Lost Wanderer
  Living in The Caves of Luan is a small group of dragons and half-dragons, the Dramon. Their unique water breathing ability allows them to live in the caves to compensate for the low oxygen in the air. Currently, they are still in hiding from the entire world. No one must know that they are here and what their future plans are. They must protect at all costs.  

Cave Maintenance

The Dramon aren't necessarily a fan of their living conditions, but it is a necessary evil. For centuries, they have been living here tending to the Lurantia for the humidity it provides. Furthermore, they maintain the ecosystem within the caves, making sure there are enough birds and fish for them and the plants to feast upon.   Besides keeping the ecosystem in check, they also have to make sure that no one can accidentally find them in The Caves of Luan. The Dramon make sure that their spawning areas are impossible to stumble upon. The common grottos must stay clean of what little furniture they have; otherwise, they might spike the curiosity of outsiders.   However, more importantly, they have a mission.  


They have promised the <BBEG> to guard Mount Stoll, but more importantly what the volcano houses: Stronghold Geisl. Why they have been bestowed this mission is yet unknown. But black dragons guarding something never makes for a story that ends well.  


The Dramon put much effort into keeping their little group alive at all costs. Although a full dragon can live for a few thousand years, they do not live forever. Furthermore, they need to protect themselves and make sure that no one finds out about them. Currently, they have four full adult dragons who mate with one another every 500 years to breed a stable number of dragons. They also mate with humans while in disguise to have a small supply of half-dragons.
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