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This article contains information that isn't known to anyone coming in this world, since this is a secret organisation. If you're interested in the plot, do not read this article!
Lurking in the shadows of Hesli lies an organisation that intends to bring back a great evil from the plane of chains. They have a few objectives that they focus on. All are grand and therefore takes a long time to accomplish. However, everyone within the organisation knows what's at stake and is prepared to be very patient about it. Run with a strict hierarcy and roles, they slowly work their way along the paths they have laid out so far.  
Fiat Dracones Redi. That is our motto. Bringing back the Dragons from the planes beyond our reach. We must do so carefully, without raising any to little suspicion. Everyone has their task, adhere to it and we will achieve all our goals.
— The plaque in the common room of every Donussi building


Providing a way for the dragons to return to Hesli is only one of the goals that Donussi wants to achieve. This is a list of their current goals as shown on their goals board.  

Allowing for the dragons to return to Hesli

The dragons are our ancestors who were the first to walk these lands. We, as their humble servants, must ensure they return again. Our former bretheren have turned into rebels, thinking they can live on their own without the protection of their lords. They are ruining the lands that we hold dear to our hearts. We must ensure that we either get rid of everyone living on this planet, so we can start with a clean slate. That, orr that they willingly let the dragons return and resume their duties are caretakers of the world.  

Bringing the Queen of Dragons back to her rightful throne

Once the dragons are back where they belong, here among us as our masters, we need to switch to this project as swiftly as we can. Even a large horde of dragons need to be kept in check, and there is no better candidate than our beloved Queen of Dragons herself. However, she is still locked up in the plane of chains. We must research how we can access this particular plane and figure out how to free her from her bonds. Once she has been released, the transformation of Hesli will be complete and balance will be restored once more.  

Keeping Luna from escaping

Long ago, we managed to put Luna, the absolute thorn in our thigh that she is, in the prison that we created for her. However, we should never underestimate Luna. She is a powerful one and does not give up easily. As we speak, she continues to put up a fight to bail herself out. We must continue to innovate new defense mechanism to further bolster the prison and prevent her from escaping into the real world. If she sees the light of day again, achieving our goals will be more difficult by a thousandfold.
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