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Claiming to have come from the land itself, are the Briyani dwarves. These sturdy cousins of the dwarfs from the mountains thrive on land, tending to the plants, animals, and rivers meandering through it. Their affinity with magic marks the major difference between them and the Irrean (sub)clans.  
We are born from the land itself and tasked to keep it in good shape. That was our promise to the gods.
— Head of the Briyani Clan

Ancestors of the Land

According to their scrolls with tales of old, the Briyani dwarfs are the ones who took care of the land in ancient times. They were responsible for keeping the forests in check, so they wouldn't overgrow the world. They would keep the rivers in check, making smart cuts where the meander came too close to make sure the river flows as it was intended by their ancestors. Or creating lakes to ensure there are supplies of water in places that are more difficult to reach by river.   However, for some reason, they have been put into a long slumber by their gods. The reason why remains unknown to the dwarfs. Still, they are happy to have awakened recently near the banks of the Rudeilemòr and to resume their duties. Some are still adjusting to a few of the new faces that are walking the lands these days, but overall they have gotten used to being around elves, gnomes and humans.   Their affinity with the land also resulted in their mastery of farming. Using their magic, they are able to manipulate the land to give crops a little boost without damaging the land. Nowadays, they use these skills to produce and sell food throughout Eshil. Reunited with some of their bretheren from the Mandri clan, they create new products to help everyone around they grow better food, even in the most challenging conditions like the caves in the mountains.
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Briyani and Religion

Coincidentally, the Briyani have similar gods as the Irrean in their religion of Te Akoranga. Once they heard of this religion from their Mandri bretheren, they quickly adopted it. Although there could be a minor change to some parts, it's largely the same.

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