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Bragath Wolf Squad

The Bragath Wolf Squad was a most deadly squad to face. The master thief Bragath T'Shadvi trained the wolves himself, ensuring that he had the best wolves for his thievery missions. The training always took place at his mansion, where he had a dedicated space with training, breeding, and housing grounds to give his loyal friends the space they needed to roam around.   The wolves of the squad had a distinct look. Their fur had a goldlike colour to it, yet it somehow blended well with the forests where they lived. They were also slighty larger than the average wolf, standing almost one meter tall at shoulder length. Their endurance has yet to be matched by any other animal on Hesli, since they could run for hours and cover almost 200km a day.



The wolf squad was always at least 20 adults strong. Sometimes, the number fluctuated due to loss or increase in breeding and training, but it never went over 30 adults. Furthermore, there were usually about 2 to 5 recruits within the pack as part of their training to become full fletched squad mates.   Aside from the squad that goes along with Bragath, the older wolves usually stayed behind at Bragath's Mansion, guarding the house and the pups roaming the premise. When there are too many wounded or injured wolves, the veterans could take their place to keep the pack as strong as possible.


Bragath T'Shadvi was the leader at all times, giving out the commands to the unit. However, within the unit there were always two appointed alpha wolves who kept the pack in check. They made sure to fulfill the commands and coordinated the pack, especially when wolves got wounded during the fight.   The rest of the pack were all on equal level, even the recruits. While they had to learn the ropes, it was Bragath's philosophy that everyone should still be treated equally but that they required an extra bit of patience.
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Aug 8, 2021 15:58

Interesting take on how to describe these wolves! Though I am curious how they fight exactly and in what way they are helpful in "liberating" the goods of the rich?

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Aug 10, 2021 16:44

Thank you! I haven't thought their fighting style through, so that's definitely something to expand upon. But I figured, "Hey, wolves are awesome, let's make them a military unit... because I can :3" For some reason, it's easier to write about animals than people for me. :')

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