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Bragath's Mansion

Located just outside of Genshan is the mansion of Bragath T'Shadvi. He lived there roughly 500 years ago until the day he vanished from the region to lure away the authorities from targeting the villagers. However, these days the mansion has become a ruin as no one maintains it anymore.

Purpose / Function

The mansion had three primary purposes. First, it was the house of Bragath T'Shadvi. It was where he lived, slept, cooked, and whatnot. It also housed a few assistants that helped him training the wolves for his wolf squad and keeping up with the maintenance of the house itself.   Second, the mansion was heavily used to prepare the wolves for the missions. It had a designated area catered to them. There was a training section where he would train their endurance, formations, and commands. He also had a separate area specifically for breeding where he could pair wolves and provide warmth, food, and shelter for the female wolves and their pups. Finally, there was a general living space where the wolves had covered places to sleep and a large plot of land to roam. Here, they also got provided with food in case they got back without any prey.   Lastly, Bragath used his mansion to store everything that he stole from the big companies. He didn't want to give out everything just on a whim. Instead, he always stored items in one of the various storage rooms to give a steady supply of goods to the trading markets of Genshan.


The mansion was mainly constructed of common stone and wood. While it had a relatively cold design, it had plenty of room for everything that Bragath needed. The large walls around the premise ensured that no one would be able to enter the mansion easily. The only place where the walls don't cover the mansion is the roaming lands for the wolves.
Table of Contents
100 years ago
Alternative Names
Lisun Barie
Mansion / Villa
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