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Barxim and Melion's Journals

No one shall make us kill another soul who done us nothing wrong. None shall make us kill another soul just for the spilling of blood.
— Barxim Fineboot
  It has been roughly 1000 years since the Barions ventured into the Kala region. Under the guidance of Barxim Fineboot and Melion Gabrien, the small group of gnomes and humans managed to survive the cold regions, free from The Barbaric Uprise between the humans and gnomes.  
Tonight, I met this young gnome. We're supposed to be enemies, but why? We looked at each other, but I couldn't bring myself to pierce him with my lance. He hesitated too. Would it be true then? Are gnomes not that bad after all?
— Melion Gabrien
  The Barions consider the following passage sacred, as it pushed them to set their own path in life. Free from the tyranny of bloodthirsty lords, free from worthless hatred.  
We met up last night and discussed our plans. We're taking our families and friends who believe in our cause. There is no need for this heartless bloodshed. We shall stand our own ground. And if they don't want to listen to us, then we'll decide it for ourself. No. There's no need for them to listen. We're going, far north where they won't dare chase us. We're going to make it and teach our children what it means to be openminded and to love others even though they don't look like you.
— Melion Gabrien


During The Barbaric Uprise, Barxim Fineboot and Melion Gabrien met each other. Although they were enemies, they couldn't bear to kill one another. The war had been lasting for years and to them it seemed pointless.   In their journals, they wrote about their journeys and adventures from when they were little up until the day they died. Both journals contain the history of the Barions and why they fled to the Kala region.
Table of Contents
Journal, Personal

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