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Adrianne Phyrus

There are many ways to describe Adrianne Phyrus, but one thing is certain: there is no one way. She is the best friends of all the animals in town, the witch brewing concoctions that cure people from the weirdest illnesses, the mastermind behind many maps sold all over the region, and most prominent of all; unable of sitting still.  
Witchy Phyrus! Witchy Phyrus! Can you take a look at my mum? She's not been feeling well lately. I'll take care of the pack for you.
— A young boy looking out for his mother

Runaway Cartographer

Adrianna grew up in a cartography household where she learned from a young age to draw maps of her surroundings. Her parents even sent her to Wanderers School of Cartography to learn the trade from the best.   While Adrianne loved the drawing and adventure aspect of cartography, she has always felt that something was missing. Her teacher, the infamous Edwige Pennsworth, noticed early that Adrianne had doubts about the whole school thing. Being the little rebel that Edwige always has been, she took the young girl under her wing. Together, they travelled in search for Adrienne's other passion that was hiding somewhere deep down inside her.   Very early on during the adventures, it became apparent that Adrienne has a close connection with animals. She was never scared of them, nor were they of her. She could approach the most impressive stag with anters the size of herself and Edwige, climb on the back, and have a ride. In their journeys, the young girl made many animal friends and would try to visit them every so often to check up on them. Still, the work with animals did not provide that spark Edwige was looking for, so they kept on going.   During one trip, Edwige and Adrianne stumbled upon an abandoned home in the middle of the woods. Curiousity got the best of the young woman, and she sneaked inside the house. It was filled with jars and vial that used to contain ingredients. On one of the counters, Adrianne found a large book: "Controversial Cures for Curious Conditions". Her eyes lit up as she leafed through the book.  
So, you want to become a witch, huh? You'd be travelling the world, finding ingredients, curing people, all the while creating maps of the places you visit. Sounds like a terrible life, doesn't it?
— Edwige Pennsworth with a phat wink

Gift from the Master

Adrianne travelled the local region for a long time. She visited the local villages to cure people of their sickness and drew a great many maps while doing so. However, taking all her ingredients with her did have a toll. As the number of jars and vials grew, the load also became heavier.   One day, the now young adult paid a visit to her old teacher. The two women caught up on their cartographing adventurers. But when Edwige asked about her journey as a witch, Adrianne explained that she was thinking of quitting even though she did not want to. The strain of all the equipment was simply too much.   Unbeknownst to her, Edwige had suspected this would happen all along and gave her the greatest gift she could have hoped for: a custom carriage. It could fit up to 200 jars and vials with ingredients, had enough space to store her maps, and it could even turn into a big tent which would come in handy for her adventures.  
All you need, is someone to pull that carriage. But you've got friends all over the world, I bet they'll help you out.
— Edwige Pennsworth again with a phat wink
  It was typical for Edwige to make Adrianne think and panic for a moment. As panic continued to develop, six large foxes appeared from the woods and stood in front of the carriage.
Table of Contents
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Mapping the world while healing the sick
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
A sparkling hazelnut brown
Long, sleek, amber coloured
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned with freckles
1,56m (5'1")
53kg (117lbs)
Adrianne still travels the world to this day with her six foxes. Keep an eye out for her, because she might have some ingredients or maps you could use!   For her healing services, Adrianne charges the following prices:  
Minor Wounds/Conditions

Average Wounds/Conditions

Major Wounds/Conditions
  Prices are subject to the value of the ingredients required to create the potion(s).

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Author's Notes

This article is hugely inspired and based on AP who is a witchy cartographer in real life herself!

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