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1.1.1 Arrival at Limani

Plot points/Scenes

The meeting between players

The players will, one way or another, arrive or already be in Limani. Since it is a harbour city, it is also possible to arrive by boat from places far and wide. How it will play out specifically will be revisited once session 0 has happened and the characters plus their backgrounds have gotten some body to it.   As the players are making their way through the town, whether as one groups, smaller groups, or individuals, a commotion will rise at the towns square. People are running away while a small group of thieves has it out for the few nobles in town. The players will be near enough to the square to hear/see the commotion or see people running away from it.  

After the battle

If the group manages to interrogate a thieve, or get a good look of them, they should be able to pick up a first clue of who they might be. If they search the premise after the battle, they will find that one of the thieves has dropped a map and to the back of it a few steps have been quickly written.   However, if the group does none of the above, or do not find the clues a random NPC will run after someone from the group with the map in his hands, claiming that he saw the player drop it.   Venturing to the world When the players arrive at <a random tavern> in Limani, they are prompted to study the map in more detail and maybe recall what they have seen during the battle. If they don't do any of this, they might overhear people talking about random disappearances.   If they're not prompted to go after the plot, we have to make up something else. xD
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