An Introduction to Heliox Stardust

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What is Heliox Stardust?

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by Garrett Lewis
Heliox Stardust is a science fiction setting, focused on the Heliox galaxy. Heliox houses many solar systems brimming with life, some originating from the galaxy while others are newcomers. Most notable among these immigrants are humans, who colonized to the planet Gaias as it was similar in make to their now dead home planet, Earth.   Their flight from both their home planet and galaxy was spurred by the arrival of the Ferajx— who systematically ravaged their solar system in their neverending hunt for Dust. This very same dust would be found in Heliox, having evolved a symbiotic relationship with sapient beings, living within their bodies, and granting them great power in return for protection.   Though Heliox is new to humanity, they have arrived within a world rife with conflict and political infighting. Some of the galaxy's inhabitants welcome humanity with open arms— while others bare their teeth at the mere mention of their presence. Some reach across the borders of empires to work together, abandoning their nationalities, and Dusters work as powerful pieces in the galactic political game that can tip the balance in favor of or against entire governments. Another day always rises, though each may bring great change.

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I was thinking about ttrpgs, and wanted mechas to fit in, so in a summer course for psych, I spent notetaking time thinking of ideas for Heliox. I want this to be a ttrpg that allows for imaginative play as if the player were in a mecha anime, as opposed to having hyper realism like Lancer or other mecha ttprgs.  


I've been itching to write a sci-fi world for a long while, and was even beginning to write out-of-context short stories in one to vent that desire— which only made it stronger. Then I realized an old idea that came from a dream involving a post-apocalyptic world could combine, and was beginning to wonder how to even add another world to my plate!   Cue Badmos coming in and asking to collaborate on a sci-fi world.


Heliox Stardust is neither heavy nor light— both levity and weighty drama are at home within its many stars. It is a place to write what we wish to, simply put. Heliox contains anti-war themes, and explores various types of governance and their consequences. Ontop of this are explorations of discrimination in the form of xenophobia— and the fight against it. In line with this, Heliox is a pro-immigration world, given humanity's place within it, which gives us opportunities to explore the experience of living within a new location with already established cultures. How does one fit within this situation? How do cultures clash, unify, coexist, and evolve?  


Badmos: A lot of Mecha Anime.   Timepool: The lore of Destiny, alongside Warframe. Gurren Lagann and Gundam play a bit of a role here, as well.

Where Do I Start?

First and foremost— check out the introduction on the homepage! Following that, these articles are a good place to start!*   *This list will be updated as time goes on.    

Thanks to...

Qurilion and the rest of the Happy Sun Lodge for giving feedback on Timepool's early mini-stories (Then titled "Saronere Stardust").
Ademal for CSS inspiration and rubber-ducking.


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