Atharian Alliance

The Atharian Alliance unifies the realms of Atharia under one banner. The alliance was formed in 867 to combat the Entropic Forces which afflicted the lands of Atharia during the Decade of Darkness. Even though the Decade of Darkness has ended, the realms stayed together in the alliance.  

The Founding


In Decade of Darkness the world was divided into two forces, the ones of life and the other of death. Even the beings of life, light and Essence were divided as Atharians were defending themselves from the cold and dark beings of the Night World.   For 10 years many of the regions of Atharia was under the dominion of the Night World. These places suffered great torment, misery and dispair. This was until the leaders of the kingdoms of Atharia were summoned together to unite and fight back against the beasts of the Night World.  


Once all of the 6 kingdoms banded together the Atharians began to push back against their common foe, the Night World. Soon the Atharians had claimed victory by sealing the away the Night World, by creating the Plane Barrier.  


Since then the realm has been in peace for many years. The 6 kingdoms stayed in the alliance to help each other rebuild and reform their former glory together. They opened trade and migration laws with each other, allowing the 6 kingdoms to prosper.   However, some suspect the days of peace are numbered; as old rivalries are sprouting once again. Particularly, as Brostia and Dovaria are beginning the squabble; as Brostia claims Dovaria has a region which should be under Brostia rule by right. Due to being in the Alliance, they are unable to break into war with each other; at least not without the others backing the defenders.   There are also incidents of Entropic Forces, who have been left behind since the Decade of Darkness, which are continually harrasing the folks of Atharia.    

The Atharian Council

The Atharian Council is the administrative body of the alliance. Their job is to organise the Grand Chambers of the Council for when the Kings, Queens and other representatives of the 6 realms of Atharia attend their yearly meeting.   Every 5 years the council votes on a Council Leader. This leader is one of the members, however, the Leader is not the Ruler of the Members, as the Leader's job is to chair the meetings and the council, not rule.   The Council holds its assets which the Leader has access to, such as a military and funds. However, each usage of these assets must be logged and agreed upon by the council.  

Council Disassembly

Since the formation of the Alliance, every year the council assembles to discuss matters which have been submitted to by the members. The members converge in the Hall of the Council Chambers, located in New Point Harbor. The tradition since the Alliance began is the Kings & Queens would attend in person; this tradition still stands today.   However as time went on, fewer members attended these meetings to the point where nobody attends. Still peace remains across Atharia, which many say is a silver lining to this political issue.
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Alliance Members

Kingdom of Lorlund
Queendom of Brostia
Kingdom of Dovaria
Kingdom of Falduhr
Kingdom of O'Felion
Kingdom of Raelund

The Tabulus of the Alliance

After the Decade of Darkness the Alliance was solidified in order for the realms to protect each other from the return of Entropic Forces. Something which many still predict will occur, but are fewer than those who did back then.   The Tabulus of the Alliance is the contract of the pact, which binds the realms under the banner of Atharia. The text is engraved on a stone tablet and hangs in the main hall of Council Chambers.  

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  • 867

    The Founding of the Alliance
    Diplomatic action

    During the Decade of Darkness; Dovaria and Lorlund united to fight against the Entropic Forces which

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