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A world of many different races an societies, a world just being explored, Helthenrune is a dangerous place to live, especially in these times.   Before, it seemed life was only on the continent of Larrule, the ocean was the end of the world. But now boats take the curious on quests to find more. Lizardfolk have just been discovered, and there are more discoveries to come. New break throughs have become commonplace among the people Using metal and magic, artificial life has been made, Ætherborn, Simic Hybrids, and Warforged seem to be the tip of the iceberg, a whole empire is being based around artificial life, they call themselves the Xetrol, inhabiting a continent now known as Xectolfist. But, there are many groups that dipise artificial life, in their quarles, the Xectrol and various groups have resorted to violence to shape the world their way.   On the other side of the known world, there is a continent known as Tirri. There, a mysterious orb as large as a giant has been found and dubbed the Etirri marble. There is a powerful magical aura around it, but no one knows what it is, or what it does.