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Haymath City


Race Population ~% of total
Human-Bloodincluding fetclings 2,487,170 49.75%
Elves, inclusive 1,412,312 28.25%
Dwarves 349,953 7%
Half-Elves 320,019 6.4%
Half-Orcs 209,213 4.19%
Kenku 200,473 4.01%
Planetouched2  20,000 0.4%
Planetouched 20,000 0.4%
Tieflings 14,209
Genasi 5,791
Fire 3,729 64.4%
Water 146 2.5%
Air 1,436 24.8%
Earth 480 8.3%
    The top 10% income earners hold half the wealth, with half of that being held by the top 1% The bottom 90% hold the other half of wealth


The city is a major port city. There is many imports of raw materials that then get turned into goods and exported. Most workers are factory workers. The service industry is alive and well, and entertainment is well funded by the rich and powerful.


Skyscrapers dedicated to modern business venture are all around downtown. There is a giant roads system, and arcane leylines stretch above the city, delivering controlled magic to homes and businesses to power lights, ovens, and other fine modern arcanics. There is heavy industrialization, and aristocratic areas of the city-- Especially Old End and The Heights. Old End tends to be old-world money, The Heights tends to be new money.

Alternative Name(s)
Haymath, the Capital, the City
Large city
4,999,335 People
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
The Republic States of Haymath

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