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Haymath City

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Bright lights, tall buildings, the sound of people on the sidewalks and the thrum of arcane power racing overhead to bring the comforts of today to the home. The smell of the street, the sounds of combustion and arcane engines fighting for dominance. Folk moving past, knife-ears and greenskins, stunties muscling their way through, shorties slipping by, maybe even swiping from the pocket of an unsuspecting gargoyle. A babyface mule shouting for your attention on one corner, a spoon-ears begging for your money on another. The city of dreams, alive and dead, and the perfect poster child for the modern-day through and through. Make or break your money with the guild in the markets, save your soul with the church, or be studied or study with the mages. After all, they rule this world, and there ain't much better now that they went and outlawed hooch.   But between you and I, friend, there's some folks out there? Don't much agree with the law. They got work for the ambitious with little scruples, the destitute and desperate, and the bored and ornery. Look for them, be found by them, it don't matter because down here, they got eyes everywhere. This place is full of opportunities in the shadow, and only sometimes you might find more than you're looking for. This place ain't for the weak of heart, and if you step into the wrong part of town with the wrong look on your mug, I can tell ya, you won't have it much longer.