Verdant Guildhall

Common Knowledge

Carved directly into a great Wyldwood tree, the Verdant Guildhall is likely the least organized Guildhall in the history of the Gravehunter's Guild.

Wyldwood Entrance

The entrance to the Guildhall is intricately carved and carefully constructed to allow quick access no matter the size, or amount of legs, of the person wishing to enter. Originally built without a door, the local creatures that kept finding their way into the hall made it obvious the place needed some sort of security despite Verdant's "No home may be locked" policy.

Inner Construction

The Guildhall itself is actually dug out of the earth itself. Within you can only find a large circular room with a secondary room that leads to the Guild Storageways. The intricate carving and workmanship found at the entrance is quickly abandoned the further you go in giving way to crude walls made of wood and often packed dirt. What pride was taken in the original construction has no sign of returning.


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