They are everywhere. And the places they aren't, there isn't anything for them to eat. By Lament, I have even seen the damn things wandering the Parched Expanse.
After the Fall of Lady Death nothing on Haven has been the same. Creatures that die are given a second life full of hatred and hunger. These unliving creatures, known as Unfallen, gather in hordes to hunt those that still live, feeding on anything in their path. Armies rise up against the hordes in the name of the living, but many fall just to join their ranks. Not even the Nine can save us now.  

How to tell the dead apart

The hordes of unliving creatures that now roam Haven are unlike any previously known. While the distinction between an undead and an Unfallen is barely noticeable to an untrained eye, the difference is very important.


Undirected Hunger

When out of the direct control of their creators, the undead are mindless creatures of hunger. It is rare for an undead to leave its origin point, instead, they are found wandering a small area following any sounds they hear.

Mindless Hordes

In large groups, Undead seem to be more restless but gain no additional benefits. The larger numbers make them harder to deal with but can lead them to bump into each other making it hard to travel quickly.


Hungry Packs

Unfallen seem to have a natural tendency to seek out other Unfallen and form groups. Because of this, finding a singular Unfallen is extremely uncommon.

Swarm Behavior

The more Unfallen gathered in a spot the more dangerous they get. In large numbers, they seem to have a predatory intelligence about them that makes it difficult to escape. In the few times that their numbers have reached hundreds, specific Unfallen have gained a semblance of being sapient.

Types of Unfallen

Broken down into two stages, Physical and Nonphysical, the Unfallen are as diverse as life itself. Anything that dies will reawaken as a Unfallen but the way they died may change what they awaken into. Physical Unfallen, such as zombies, can also be reawoken as Nonphysical entities such as ghosts. The reasoning for this is unclear, but is well documented.

There as an argument of the third stage of Unfallen, known as Metaphysical. This stage is only reached when a Physical or Nonphysical Unfallen is "slain". This stage cannot be seen in the Physical Realm, but may be causing issues in the Etheral Realm

The End of Wars

It has been over forty years since the last war. No one dares risk to create a new horde of battle-trained Unfallen. However, the foolishness of the living has not lead to a true end of violence as raids and skirmishes are still commonplace outside of the capitals.

Genetic Descendants
Unknown, presumed to be caused by the Fall of Lady Death.
There has been no documentation of Unfallen dying naturally.

Further Reading

Gravehunter's Guild
Organization | Jun 18, 2019

A collection of elite warriors trained specifically for keeping Haven safe from the Unfallen, and other various tasks that arise.


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