Securely nestled between two massive hills of graystone and earth lies the growing village of Twinhill. No children can be seen, or heard, but there is plenty of noise coming from the northernmost part of the city. A few dutiful men and women can be seen transporting goods to and from the Graystone Storehouse.

Common Knowledge

Other than the trial of establishing its first quarry, not much is spoken about Twinhill or its founders. Most couldn't even tell you it was founded 53 AF.

Local Knowledge

At least twice as many people have gone missing, or found undead, as there are living in Twinhill. This phenomenon has been going on for several decades. More recently the people have begun blaming it on the local quarry.


Due to the natural flooding that happens yearly from the rain dripping down the twin hills, all buildings within Twinhill are built upon a strong, graystone foundation of at least two to three feet. The building itself is normally then constructed out of local oak covered by wood and thatch roofing. Some buildings seem to have started replacing this thatching with graystone shingling, but at a slow rate.


  • Map of TwinHill

Map Key

1: Firstwall Garrison
2: House Shant
3: Hillhome (landmark)
4: Twinhill Granary (landmark)
5: House Satin
6: House Tenn
7: Graystone Storehouse
8: Twinhill Quarry (landmark)

Farm Plots:
A: Barley
B: Millet
C: Millet

23, primarily Manfolk.
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Solemn Expanse
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