The Peak

Common Knowledge

Built directly into the mountain, the Peak is veiled in magic and reeks of secrecy. Home and throne of the Raven Court, rarely does anyone ever venture this deep into Ravenpeak and those that do are said to never come back.

The Raven Court

A court of twelve individuals that are said to control most of Haven. Among their number are ancient beings, demonic entities, and even two Divine. Most of the identities members of the Raven Court are mere rumors and speculations.

Temples of Murder and Loss

Temple of Ram

Towering above all other buildings is the Temple of Ram. It has no doors, nor windows. It is said to hold the knowledge of every life ever taken by another.

Temple of Lament

While most buildings on the Raven Court are visible from the lower courts, Lament's temple is hidden away. Said to be carved from the stone by her bare hands it supposedly looks more like a prison than a temple.

Alternative Name(s)
High Court
Location under


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