The Boreal

The Boreal are the humans native to the Throat of the World, who live alongside the Goliaths in their nomadic tribes. The Boreal are an incredibly proud and honorable people and among the Goliath their word is as trustworthy as stone. This pride and honor can be traced down their deep ancestral roots to the First Men, whose customs and traditions are continued by the Boreal.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Elsa, Andrea, Anne, Mary, Marit, Heidi, Alexandra, Leah

Masculine names

William, Mathias, Oliver, Jakob, Lucas, Filip, Liam, Aksel

Family names

Hansen, Johansen, Olsen, Larsan, Andersen, Nilsen, Redersen, Haugen, Berg, Erikson, Moen, Lunde


Major language groups and dialects

Boreal Solm - A local dialect of the regional branch of common. Similar enough that a Boreal can make themselves understood even if then tend do sound like oafs. To those more learned folks, their elegant blending of the giant folk and Solm lends itself to a tongue with depth as ancient as the mountains.

Shared customary codes and values

The Boreal have a deep sense of honor ingrained deep into their society. Being not only direct decendents of the First Men but living alongside the Goliath's formed then into a culture bound by their honor and word. Deception is nearly unheard of in Boreal villages and in fact most Boreal can be taken at their word alone.

Common Etiquette rules

In the house of others it is customary to offer ones sword as a symbol of Goodwill to the family.   Weapons are as much a part of conversation as battle, pulling a sword is not necessarily a challenge to violence.


Beauty Ideals

Fair skin is viewed as both a beautiful quality in both men and women. Similarly beauty is directly tied to a sense of good hygiene, specifically a Boreal's hair is incredibly well cared for and valued.

Courtship Ideals

Boreal Courtships are rarely formed out of love and more often is a battle to show whose family could outshine the other.


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