The Stormbringer

God of the Blacksea, Lord Leviathan

We do not pray for Shadiym to guide our sails. No, we pray for him to stay far away.


Ancient even by Divine standards, no Divine strikes fear into the hearts of people as Shadiym. Taking the form of a great Leviathan, he flies over the Blacksea with a great storm following in his wake. To maintain his massive size he hunts the monolithic beasts that exist within the Endless Ocean.


Unlike other Divine across Ravare, Shadiym did not gain his divinity through devotion but rather the accumulation of power. Once simply another Leviathan in the Endless Ocean, his followers claim he consumed the floating corpse of an Exarch that had been discarded by his pantheon. The power that still pulsated through the corpse was enough to elevate him to divinity. It is now his sole purpose, or perhaps duty, to seek out and consume any Divine that wish to claim the seas as their own domain.

Divine Domains

Seas, Storms, Weather, Fear, Seagulls, Clouds, Whales, Beasts of the Deep.
Cleric Domains: Tempest.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Shadiym Symbol

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Thunderlord, God of the Black Sea, The Depths, Brine, Shipeater, Lord Leviathan.
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