Ratasha Halfcleave

Elder Ratasha Halfcleave of Clan Teith

Common Knowledge

Older than two generations, Ratasha has lead the Clan Teith for over fifty years. Though he would prefer to finally be laid to rest, his ancient body is maintained through Druidic rituals so that his great wisdom and control over the Govveneth Stone will not be lost when his people need him most.

Gray Hide

It is rare for a Centaur to live long enough to turn gray completely. His gray to silver hide has made him distinguishable no matter the crowd. His brother claims that when "the old bastard dies" he will skin his hide to be a clan heirloom to be passed from camp to camp.

Current Location
Camp Fleshwatch
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Elder of Clan Teith
Year of Birth
-78 (156 years old)
Camp Mountwatch, now known as Fleshhole.
Current Residence
Camp Fleshwatch
Biological Sex
Quotes & Catchphrases
Everything. That is the price I am willing to pay to end this plague.
Aligned Organization
Clan Teith
Other Affiliations

Further Reading

Clan Teith
Organization | Dec 23, 2018

The Centaur clan focused on knowledge and the history of their ancestors.


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