Parched Expanse

Wasteland of Salt

Originally known as the Lands of Exile, the Parched Expanse is a large desert of salt and sand. Until the Mohnag were banished to this Expanse, it was previously believed to support no life at all. Much to the suprise of both the Mohnag and their banishers, life has found a way even under the endless sun. Only the most resilient, and deadly, of creatures can survive under the oppressive conditions present within the Parched Expanse.  

Cursed Land

No science, or magic, has come to explain the existence of the Parched Expanse. The Drybasin Circle have spent years trying to discern its origin. But there is evidence that the land once supported life before the salt.  


No rain falls upon the dust of the Parched Expanse. Instead, shards of salt crystals pelt the land. These shards make quick work of any unfortunate creature. Luckily for the few settlements of the region, these storms are uncommon.

Alternative Name(s)
Lands of Exile, The Wastes
Included Locations
General Climate


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