Lord of the Sky

He looked down upon this world before him, at all that he had wrought, and in his indifference judged it harshly cursing all who walked it to suffer his judgment and toil under his gaze.

Scroll of the Unseen, Part I

Ouranos, Lord of the Sky was the first of the great primordial gods and his body made of blackest midnight, his eyes of radiant starlight and the moon that was his gift to the earth below. The wind was his messengers and the clouds his domain beneath the starry sky and he gazed down upon the slumbering form of his terrestrial twin. From his many eye’s wondrous lights came the primordial lord of the sun, Solas, to rival his father’s beauty. Beneath their watchful reign, all secrets beneath the sky were known and all deeds judged by the wisdom only given to a being as old as time.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Secrets, Written Text, Judgment.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A golden scale with a heart on the left side and a scroll on the right.

Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Weigher of Hearts, Judge of All

Further Reading

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