On Druids

And their Archetypes


  With the lines of life and death even more chaotic than before, Druids have taken up their sacred task of balance with fervor. Wandering the wilds hunting the undead that plague their homeland, Druids rarely have time for much else than the hunt.

Magic is not arcane. Comes from the Wylds mainly? What creatures can they do the do.

Archetype Notes

Circle of Dreams

Wyld Druids, primarily. Change the Summer Court to Wyld Court.

Circle of the Land

Arctic: Throat of the World.
Coast: Blacksea.
Desert: Parched Expanse.
Forest: Verdant Expanse / Solemn Expanse / The Wyld / Gorgewood Forest.
Grasslands: Verdant Expanse / Solemn Expanse.
Mountain: Throat of the World / Shardtooth / Twin Peaks.
Swamp: The Wyld.
Underdark: N/A. (Need a spot.)

Circle of the Moon

Need to make a list of creatures they get. Flavor to be more about killing.

Circle of the Shepard

Who doesn't love totem animals? Already have a Raven Feat: Feat: Call of the Raven.

Circle of Spores

Ew. Let's shove this in The Wyld as well.


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