City of Salt and Violence


Sand-Worn Huts

Most of Mohnheim is made of single-story huts made of mud, sand, lumber, and anything else someone found was able to keep out the salt and sand of the Parched Expanse. However, some of the original sandbrick structures that are a staple of the Mohrite people still scatter the city normally reserved as housing for Pitbosses or other high ranking individuals.

General Information

Around 70,000.

Quick Notes

  • The population of Mohnheim is considered extensive even for goblins and as such goblins found within the city are considered vermin by the other races.
  • It is not illegal to murder in Mohnheim.
  • It is not illegal to steal in Mohnheim.
  • It is not illegal to do anything in Mohnheim.

Notable NPCs

  • Unknown Pitboss, nicknamed "Gris-Gris"
  • Snog, Glinterhole Pitboss
  • Tortvag, Lady's Knight Pitboss
  • Zigway, Teefless Pitboss
  • Vlock, Vlock You Pitboss
  • Julstaed, Saltdome Pitboss
  • Sirl, Sirl's Theatre Pitboss
Mercantile Acquisition Guild
  • Starkal the Hungering.
Monastary of the Desert Bloom
  • Elder Gilmanish, of the Sandwalkers.


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