To be Human is to survive. Even if your life isn't worth surviving.

Common Knowledge

Known as Humans or Humanity, Mankind may be the oldest race within Haven and as such are mistakenly considered native to the region. Their histories date back further than even the Eld (ancestors of Elvenkind) and their myths claim they have existed on Ravare since the creation of Solith.

What Mankind is known for best is their impulsive actions and ability to adapt no matter how horrific their lives have become. Though their short lifespans likely hinder their progress they often use this knowledge as a catalyst to make as large of an impact as they can, for better or worse.


With adaptability comes variety. The Humans of Haven are split into three distinct subraces, each with their own cultures, beliefs, and ways of life.


Hailing from the Northern Solemn Expanse, the Solmite are a tall, pale, and soft-spoken people. Culturally they are often extremely religious to the point of zealotry and often apt to resort to violence to prove it. Racism runs deep within the Solmite, even against their Manfolk cousins.


The largest of the three group, the Verdite are a shrewd people who live within the Verdant Expanse. Short, angry, but often charming the Verdite are willing to do anything to better their own lives. Though they do not hold their Gods as close to their heart as others do, they are still compliant to their wishes if it means they get something out of it.


When the Mohnag were banished to the Parched Expanse their Human allies were sent alongside them. For many generations, it was believed these Humans had died upon the salt and sand until they started venturing out of their exile. Their culture verges on barbaric but only the strong can survive within the desert of salt.

General Information

Genetic Descendants
Around 50 years with luck.
Average Height
Varies with the Solmite being tallest and the Verdite being shortest.
Average Weight
Varies with the Verdite being heaviest and the Mohrite being lightest.

Additional Information

Prehistoric Origin

Many of the races on Haven are able to make educated guesses on when their race first arrived on the region. Mankind has no such luck. Their oldest histories claiming they have existed long before Haven itself and their arrival being during the creation of Solith itself.

Across the Wyld

According to Eldish history, Mankind was found on both sides of the Wyld and was a leading cause for their departure. These Humans were described as gray-skinned and androgynous, but still very much the same race.

Across the Sea

What little diplomacy that has been successful with the Kushtaka has given even more validity to Mankinds claim to be across all of Ravare. The Kushtaka knew of Humans before they crossed the Blacksea.

Quick Notes

  • Despite the amount of territory Mankind as a species owns, they are not the most populous race. That would go to Goblins and Greenfolk in general.
  • Having conquered much of Haven, taking it from the Beastfolk, Mankind is still thought of as a warmongering species even after nearly three thousand years.

Articles under Mankind


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20 Dec, 2018 16:13

It can be really difficult to make humans interesting or different in a fantasy setting but this seems like a good start! I'm not sure about conflating race with ethnicity as out semi feels like you might be, but that is a fantasy standard I suppose. To flesh the article out you might consider writing up various different countries or unaffiliated governmental orders that are the preview of each ethnicity, which could further lead into sub ethnicities / subcultures that would round out the idea and give you room to play?

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I absolutely misunderstood that ethnicities were not, as an example "Caucasian, Latino, etc." Until after I had posted this in the article critique. I also seem to have forgotten to rename the Ethnicities into subraces. Thank you for reminding me!   As is, I think I will be creating entirely different ethnicities to help show the countries and governmental structures that Mankind is in primary control of. Thank you for the suggestion and your time to review the article, my brain is now whirling with ideas!

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So grammar first just to get it out the way. "Thought their short lifespans likely hinder their progress" though? No to the fun parts. Humans are really hard IMO. It's so difficult to make us interesting for some reason. We're always impulsive and adaptive. Something you did that kind of took me off guard is separate them into different people instead of lumping everyone in and saying "look humans." Even if they are just ethnicities, establishing that makes a big deal. Dark elves and wood elves are just ethnicities but a lot of people look at them like different races for that very reason. It's all ice cream but the world opens up once you learn there are different flavors. Nice touch. Something i would do is flesh out the Mohrite. For whatever reason i felt like you didn't expand on them much or at least not as much as the other. Other than that is expand on all three, particularly how they differ and are similar to each other dude to the fact that you link their articles. It's good stuff and my question would be this: how do these groups view one another. What are their opinions of each other and how unified is humanity because of it. Do they fight a lot?

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The theme of this article is amazing! The images, text, sidebar, and colors all have a flow that is very pleasing to the eyes. This version of mankind is very interesting and realistic, and the subraces each have a nice set of differences that conjure up a vivid image of each within the mind. I also like how the article is short and straight to the point as well!

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Humans are typically one of the dryest races in a fantasy genre, but reading this article makes the humans stand out well. I enjoyed the differences in culture among the three different types of humans. Are there only three different types of humans or will more be added based on different geological locations? We've seen the humans in deserts, northern frosts, and verdant forests, but I'd love to see possibly a subterranean human or maybe humans that live near coastlines.

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Wonderful CSS as always Oneri. Enjoyed this article, it was a nice way to summarise humans without making them boring.

  • I admit I have a little bit of a dislike for the trope of 'humans are adaptable and inventive because their short lived' as their schtick. That said, I know it is hard to find a good place for humans in comparison to all the 'special' species of fantasy.
  • I liked the mystery of their history, and having no clue where they came from. It is a nice touch that gives them some mystique to match the more mystical species.
  • Some questions: How common and widely distributed are humans? What are some important human polities? How much do humans mix with the other species? Can they interbreed?
  • The opening quote gives a nice feeling that sets the tone of the article and the world, and I enjoyed it. A quote from another species about humans might be interesting, something for the sidebar perhaps?

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If you could come up with a better trope than "Adaptive Humanity" (think I just made it up), I could kiss you. I personally resonate with "Adapt to your surroundings, or make them adapt to you" but I use it so often it is has grown cold.   But I don't want "impulsive and stupid" to be their only feature.

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Oh nice article!
How did these races evolve to be this different? Was it hard for them to get between these three places so they couldn't interbreed? And only the first race have physical descriptions other than height and weight. Race is physical differences while ethnicity is cultural.

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This is the only article about humans that i was genuinely interested in and liked on world anvil. Its short but concise, it dosent take much time to read but still packs a lot of punch. I love the usage of linking in this article and this allows for a reader to get the complete image of this article and forms a bond with other articles as well. It is also very nice to see humanity having a special place in the world, despite how weak they are usually portrayed in fiction. The sidebar content is also neat and offers a lot of insight into some topics about humankind. All of it boils down to a short but extremely good and detailed article. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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