Life Without Death, a Guide to Haven

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Themes of Haven

Horror Fantasy

Life within Haven is fantastical in nature but horrific in design. Rotting creatures with carrion still fresh on their breath roam the land in the hunt for their next meal. Tormented spirits of the beaten, murdered, and discarded seek vengeance on the living through acts of mental trauma so severe many are driven to take their own lives. Magic may allow miracles to be performed but on Haven, even miracles have a cost.

Death has Died

Lady Death herself has been slain by the Nine, the prominent deities of Haven. The dead are no longer given rest but instead roam the world with nothing short of hatred in their hearts for the living. Each day the races of Haven strive to survive each night while listening to their loved ones cry out their names in hunger. Without the finality of death, the only thing the living have to look forward to is an endless unlife of misery.

Madness Lurks

Violence. Homicide. Cannibalism. Necrophilia. When the world turned against the living, their minds began to crack. The void where morality, compassion, and civil decency was has been filled with deep, hungering madness they cannot contain. This very madness is worshipped like a god and held above all others. Those that have the will to resist its call are often broken by those who have accepted it with zeal.

The Region of Haven

Isolated & Desperate

Secluded from the rest of Ravare, Haven is found between the Throat to the north and the Dust Peaks to the south. Connected to the rest of the continent by the Wyld the region has become isolated from the rest of the world.

It is unknown if the Unfallen plague exists only within Haven. This very thought has lead to a few mass exoduses either across the Blacksea or through the madness-inducing Wylds.

It is said that within Bastion there is a path through the Throat of the World that allows the disgustingly rich to trade Haven's main export, Blackstone, to the outside world. But rumors spread through Haven faster than the hungering dead.
We spoke to the Faefolk about the lands past the Wyld. They did not answer with their voices but with their eyes. Empty, soulless, and half mad. We spoke to the Weirdfolk about the lands across the sky. They did not answer with their voices but with their bodies. Broken, warped, and half mad.

It was then we knew we were alone.

Gameplay Mechanics

Haven is a highly customized Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition setting at its core. It has the common fantasy races and their various tropes, but it also has plenty of homebrew that changes things up. Here are a few articles that detail those changes.

The Current Campaign

Currently, until WorldAnvil supplies a few more TTRPG systems, such as a digital table to move tokens around, Haven is hosted on Roll20. But all lore will be recorded on WorldAnvil.

If you are interested in a bunch of questions and answers relating to the setting and the campaign, look here.


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22 Nov, 2018 12:09

Very well crafted.Honestly I will admit that this world really hooked from the first part.You did a great job in portraying the bleakness of the world and making it generally dark and bleak.I look forward to seeing more of this

22 Nov, 2018 22:57

Thank you! I hoped to make things feel hopeless, or as close to it as I could get.

22 Nov, 2018 19:20

I like the overall concept, it depicts a pretty effectively bleak atmosphere that could be fun to play around with. Two things, though. First, this sentence: "The void where morality, compassion, and civil decency has been filled with deep, hungering madness they cannot contain." I feel like there's a missing word in there somewhere. Second, and most important, is there a way to make life better? Without that crucial bit of light, the darkness can get too overwhelming, and you could lose audience interest.

22 Nov, 2018 22:56

I likely should be a "light at the end of the tunnel", I have been waiting for my players to find it before posting it. I understand that sounds like procrastination, haha. I will write it up and hide it behind a subscriber wall, thanks for the idea!   As for the sentence, I believe I fixed it with @Sezzlic's help.

22 Nov, 2018 23:14

I'm glad I was able to help.

22 Nov, 2018 20:46

I think that this is a swell article. Your writing was sufficient to hook me in. You used all the right words to paint an attractive picture of the world at hand. I think that your typing itself is largely good, although like R3negadeX I agree that there is something wrong with that sentence. Maybe make it "The void where morality, compassion, and civil decency was has been filled with deep, hungering madness they cannot contain."

22 Nov, 2018 22:57

Thank you for catching that sentence! It likely got messed up as I tried to make the paragraphs the same size. Or just a lack of paying attention on my part, haha! I put in your addition of a single word. Thank you so much!

23 Nov, 2018 10:33

The article is brilliant, it gives me an image of a terrible world. I see R3negade X’s point about having a little bit of light. The story can be bleak by all means and in ways it can work. But even at the worst of situations people will find a bit of light, I suggest that you don’t go the “light at the end of the tunnel” thing, but there is light in small places of life. For example in the movie 1984 the main character lives in a terrible society that monitors its civilians every day, his light is his diary because he has the ability to say whatever he wants in it. Adding light in small places makes the world feel more real and grounded, the light at the end of the tunnel can work but I don’t suggest it.   I also suggest adding details in your locations on your map, good map but just add some descriptions about the location so the reader has a rough idea about that place.

23 Nov, 2018 12:37

Thank you so much about the map part. I just realized I could add text to the locations, not just names and links.   I love the journal idea, do you think I should try and fit a journal here or perhaps link it from here to a different article?

23 Nov, 2018 12:45

That would work really well to add a bit of light in a dark world, It would be best that you made a separate article and link it to this one.

7 Dec, 2018 01:47

Honestly sad I missed this before. This is a gorgeous introduction! This is a great primer for it as an RPG setting as well.

7 Dec, 2018 02:30

Thank you! Coming from you I take this as a pretty great compliment!   Question though, I have more updated information to put on it. Should I even if it makes it longer?

7 Dec, 2018 04:06

Nope! This is the primer not only for you, but for people who come to read it later. Don't put spoilers in it, let the story play out in session logs and reports!

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