Kindle Cloth

Penned by Elias Dods

Kindle Cloth was first discovered by the Monks of the The Unseen Temple


Physical Characteristics

Kindle Cloth is a surprisingly light but tightly woven fabric that takes on a natural orange tint. The cloth has an inherent stiffness, like linen, but is tightly woven together to keep out the biting wind of the mountains. The cloth lacks any stretch or elasticity but is very absorbent, yet remains a very strong fabric even when wet. Kindle Cloth does suffer in durability, often requiring repairs and replacement with heavy use.


Kindle Cloth, when woven into clothing, offers excellent protection from the icy cold with even the light robes of the monks. It's magical ability to repel the cold and warm the body comes from the Ember Blossom , even a lightweight tunic can prove quite comfortable on the snowy slopes of the mountains.

Geology & Geography

Kindle Cloth occasionally finds itself down from the snowy peaks of the Throat of the World it is most commonly found in the temples of the Unseen Order and the Goliath tribes of the northern peaks.

Origin & Source

Kindle Cloth is made from the strands extracted from the Ember Blossom , commonly found in the Throat of the world and mixed with either cotton or wool. A complex process of scraping, pounding, heating, and washing goes into extracting the fibers from the blossoms stem. Those who don't live in the frozen Throat of the World often don't attempt to produce Kindle Cloth because of this long, complex, and expensive process.

Kindle Cloth naturally has a soft orange tone to it but is often died in bright and vibrant colors.


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