Kelden Ru

Brother Kelden Ru (a.k.a. Kel')

A quiet and composed monk of a mysterious monastic order. He bears a great weight and tries to enforce his monastic code on others. He is a protector of the innocent and the downtrodden, a slayer of the undead, but he will never kill when he can maim and never maim when he can subdue. To see this world purified is his greatest dream and the only way to realize it is to stick to his regimented code.       He stands 5,6" and weighs more than most grown men. He is skilled in hand to hand combat and inventive with his worn bo-staff.

Holy Books & Codes

The Unseen Tenants of Duty

Tenets of Faith

The Tenant of the Watchful binds us to the flow of the world, demanding the reasserting of balance and equalizing of the cosmic scales.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The purification and rebalancing of the world.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kelden's form is chiseled to look like an athlete at their peak form. Sharp, angular muscles blend together into an artful display. Adorned with intricate designs, writing, and the dress of a common monk.

Body Features

Grey marble skin, intricate detail work.

Facial Features

Kelden's face us relatively featureless and smooth only the detail work and the plume of horse hair protruding from the back of his head differentiate him.

Identifying Characteristics

Besides being made out of marble and his horse hair ponytail the scroll that never leaves his side is easily identifiable.

Physical quirks

One of Kelden's arms appears to be carved from a different block of marble upon close examination.

Special abilities

Kelden's fists bare down with the chill of marble and the power of his convictions.

Apparel & Accessories

Kelden's dress has always been the traditional robes of his order along with several charms of prayer or protection.

Specialized Equipment

Several iron spikes secured to his belt, a backpack loosely hanging on his back and a worn quarterstaff is all of Keldan's worldly possessions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

[Will fill in better later] -left by parents -raised in monastery -joined monks -left


Kelden received all his worldly knowledge from the lessons taught to him in his mountainside monastery.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Joining his brotherhood of monks.

Intellectual Characteristics

Philosophical and composed.

Morality & Philosophy

Kelden follows the tenants of his order in all things, they guide him down the path of good.


To blatantly lie to another will leave your spirit without a voice.   A name is a precious thing never to be given form or otherwise written down.

Personality Characteristics


I wish to bring peace to this corrupted world. By the will of the Tenants I will cleanse this world of its corruption.

Likes & Dislikes

The good and righteous will find a friend in Kelden, while the wicked and the damned will find their worst enemy.

Virtues & Personality perks

Compassion, courage, honor, loyalty, Just

Vices & Personality flaws

Kelden misses the experiences of living flesh, most notably his weakness for sweet pastries though he. can no longer taste them.


You will never see Kelden's smooth marble shell bear the blemishes of time or lack of care. Each facade of stone is regularly polished, repaired, and tended to.


Contacts & Relations

Cleaver: To call Cleaver a brute would oversimplifying things. He is a powerful warrior but lacks the teaching to give it direction and purpose. -He was a strong fighter, his skill in battle is admirable even if brutish.   Elias: I do not believe in this mortal embodiment of one of the Nine but he is capable and shares my disdain for the undead scourge.   Oryn Runescar: A young centaur and a skilled druid hailing from a centaur tribe. He sees balance in the world but lacks the dedication brought forth through dutiful learning. -His work in the defense of Twinhill was invaluable, a tactician's mind lies deep beneath that mysterious surface.   Dead "Night" Night: A tabaxi with the worst name I have ever heard. He is skillful enough and his knowledge of terrain and hunting will be a boon. He lacks any sense of the Tenants, it will be best if I do not get attached. -He has no qualms with the death of others but his faith in the tainted nine is something we will never see eye to eye on.   Captain Talc: He appears to be a reasonably skilled warrior, if only he had a sense of discipline. I will have to take matters into my own hands, at best I will have a figurehead while I whip those men into a proper guard. At worst I'll have to forcibly remove him. -He held himself well, I wish him luck in rebuilding his battered town.   Shaeic Satin: He will meet the judgment of the Tenants, of that no one may have a doubt. -He is dead, by the hand of the Unfallen, may the great Lord of the Sky judge him harshly and cast his heart into the void.   Hargrave: I feel as if he is a kindred spirit, his loss is my loss. Hold true friend, your heart will only lay heavy for so long.   Twinhill: I am one of many who protected the town and its denizens fought bravely but I cannot see a world where they survive there much longer.

Family Ties

The only times to family that Kelden stil holds to are the bonds to those of his monastery.

Religious Views

The primordial forces of the world work in unison to bring balance to the world. One must walk the path of light under the guidance of the Tenants to achieve balance.

Social Aptitude

Kelden finds social interactions with strangers to be a challenge. His strict view on morals and regimented lifestyle alienates him fro others.


Kelden's speech is measured and even I'm every situation. A calm voice of reason in even though most chaotic of storms.


Marble Warforged
Year of Birth
18 (60 years old)
Within a cave beneath a crescent moon
Biological Sex
Luminous grey
Brown horsehair pulled into a tight ponytail protruding from the back of his marble head
Aligned Organization
Gravenight Pact
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Kelden can speak, read and write in common and elvish Along with being able to write and read in celestial.
Character Prototype
Bulletproof Monk.

Twinhill's Defence

The town of Twinhill had a vile poison that ran deep, its mayor the corrupted source. The town will likely never recover from this great shattering of its foundations but few died in the onslaught. Our delve into the quarry was enlightening an angel of death laid within and twisted the passage of time. We arose from the rocky depths to a world of death and fire, with Unfallen on the march and preparations to be made little could be investigated further. Only a few died within the town in the ensuing battle; a few townsfolk, and a mad Gravehunter but all were put to the flame. The abomination that rose from the Unfallen's ranks was unlike any I had seen, not mere undead but a conjoined vessel of gluttony and agony. Its death was slow but assured and the righteous judgment of Ouranos saw my fists strike true. Many of the other Unfallen proved far too intelligent to be mere coincidence, we must return to Graystone and speak with the other Gravehunters see if more such sightings have occurred.   My traveling companions have proven themselves capable companions even if misguided in some of their beliefs. My companion of steel is an interesting fellow and his obsession with blood may prove detrimental. A short leash will be required. They all performed admirably in battle and I could not have asked for a better outcome. I only hope some of the residents of Twinhill will head my warning and join us in fleeing the broken Twinhill.

A Mad, Childless Town
5th day of the 6th month of the 78th year, After Fall

Much has changed in Twinhill in the last 15 years. I recognized no man, woman, nor child and they did not know me. I have assured the Tenants were upheld Master, I have stayed true. Those I travel with have proved adequate. Some I know, others I do not but they serve a purpose. Master, guide me through this trial.
My charge, as it is written, is to reform the guard. Little did I know the true magnitude of such a task. This town is plagued by all manner of foolishness and what must be a suicidal madness spreading through the town. A carpenter that will not build a gate for fear of the madness that grips him, a crazed orc is allowed to freely butcher anything in his way, and a mayor who cares more for keeping the peace than finding missing children! Truly, Master, I do not know how some could fall to such depths. We must give them time to see the light, they still have time.
Master, depraved fools live in this town. They keep the Unfallen like caged pets, feeding it, caring for it as if it was anything more than a husk. Disgusting, vile corruption allowed to fester and rot the land. Sickening effigies of the living dead secreted away within hidden vaults of foul darkness. Master, they do not the darkness they have let into their lives. This man, no this snake, will be found and dealt with. The Tenants call for his name.

Kelden Ru

Monk 1 Class & Level
Outcast Brother Background
Marble Warforged Race
Lawful Neutral Alignment

Total Hit Dice
Hit Die 0
0 proficiency bonus
0 Passive perception
0 Strength
0 Dexterity
0 Constitution
0 Intelligence
0 Wisdom
0 Charisma
saving throws
0 Acrobatics
0 Animal Handling
0 Arcana
0 Athletics
0 Deception
0 History
0 Insight
0 Intimidation
0 Investigation
0 Medicine
0 Nature
0 Perception
0 Performance
0 Persuasion
0 Religion
0 Sleight of Hands
0 Stealth
0 Survival


Hit Points





Personality Traits




Features & Traits

After Fall


Author's Notes

Character Art:
Dvarapala by Very Important Garbage

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