Hulking Unfallen

Common Knowledge

The Unfallen are dangerous enough as Common Zombies but when a massive race is turned, such as a Loxodon, Orc, or an Ogre; that is when things get dangerous.

Large, but rarely in Charge

Despite their bulky size it is rare to see a Hulking Unfallen leading a horde. Most of their time is spent on managing their bulk when often missing chunks of flesh or muscle. Their most common method of attack is just hurling their weight at their prey. This is especially destructive if their target is a wall or support for a building.

Genetic Ancestor(s)


While Hulking Unfallen are technically no different than a Common Zombie Gravehunters have found it useful to classify them differently because of their destructive potential. The requirements for a Common to be known as hulky are that the original species must be over six feet tall and weight over five-hundred pounds.


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