Land of the Undying

Weep not for the death of our Lady Finality.
Weep instead for the death of our morality.


Residing on the continent of Solith, Haven has become an isolated region over the last hundred years. The region itself is well known for its countless tragedies across its history but none so prominent as the Fall of Lady Death. Once a land ravaged by war it now lays silent as life strives to find its place in a land without death.

Expanses of Haven

Haven is organized into smaller regions known as the Five Expanses. Though they are seperated in name, all five are plagued by the endless tides of the Unfallen

Verdant Expanse

As the largest expanse found within Haven, the Verdant Expanse is also considered the safest despite it's proximity to the Wyld and Blistered Expanse. Cloaked by countless trees and softly rolling hills, this expanse is easier to defend from the Unfallen than most.
Verdant Expanse
Geographic Location | Jan 21, 2019

The largest Expanse within Haven. It is known well for its Beastfolk and safety despite being so close to the Blistered Expanse.

Solemn Expanse

Once a prosperous expanse, the Solemn Expanse is slowly changing into a nightmarish wasteland of Blight and Unfallen as they pour out of the fallen city of Scourge. If it were not for The City of Marble and Seawatch, this expanse would have fallen long ago.
Solemn Expanse
Geographic Location | Mar 14, 2019

The Northern Expanse of Haven known for Blight and the Capitals of Man.

Minor Expanses of Haven

Jagged Expanse

Very little of this Northern expanse has been explored due to it's unnatural rock formations and vibrant, but deadly flora. The city of Morthaven was built to help alert the rest of Haven if intellegint life is ever spotted coming from Moorwald.

Parched Expanse

Originally known as the Lands of Exile, the Parched Expanse is a large desert of salt and sand. Until the Mohnag were banished to this Expanse, it was previously believed to support no life at all. Much to the suprise of both the Mohnag and their banishers, life has found a way even under the endless sun. Only the most resilient, and deadly, of creatures can survive under the oppressive conditions present within the Parched Expanse.

Blistered Expanse

Originally part of the Verdant Expanse, the lifeless Blistered Expanse has been steadily burning since the Fall of Lady Death. No one dares wander far into into this Expanse due to the massive amount of Unfallen gathered around Death's Cradle. The living can do little more than watch as this expanse, and its fires, expand further into the Verdant Expanse consuming everything it touches.

Interactive Map


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