Flesh Mechanus

Regretfully Cataloged by Elias Dods
My research into the dark art of Flesh Mechanus will haunt my immortal soul until the end of time. It's black and vile knowledge haunts my very dreams and it's details seared into the canvas of my mind. When I first began my study I believed these machines simple feats of complex artifice. Only now do I realize just how wicked the heart's of the Uderkith were. Even the tiniest of machines built with this dark art requires the blood of dozens to be completed. To fanthom the death that must have gone into the creation of a Black Engine turns my blood to ice. Never againwill Haven face a force so bent on death and destruction.   To anyone who may find themselves in the possession of a book written in blood, this Tomb of Bleeding Thoughts, I beg you to resist. Do what I could not and throw the book into the deepest pit imaginable or cast it into fire. Do anything but listen to it's whispering, close the book and know there is no date worse than the reading of that vile creation.


Flesh Mechanus have one purpose: war. Their creation and existence is fueled by co flict and death.


The creation of Flesh Mechanus require a level of death unheard of in the modern age.
Access & Availability
The art of Flesh Mechanism was lost with the fall of the Uderkith. Only their dark machines remain to speak for the horrors of their science.
The creation of Flesh Mechanus was the culmination of a mellenia of mastery of the arcane and mortal flesh. To attempt to teach it to those without such a grasp of the magical and mortal worlds would be like explaining mathematics to an ant.
The Uderkith in their greed studied magic and technology no mortal man has a right to know.


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