Standing taller than anyone else present at the council, a grim scowl grew across his face. This same expression appeared whenever the lesserfolk spoke of the Wyld. His people had lost entire generations to that jungle of madness. He would not lose another.
Elvenkind, or the Faefolk, are not native to Haven. Once a peaceful cast of nomads, they were forever changed as they attempted to cross the Wyld in the name of exploration. With time being irrelevant in the Wyld, no one can say how long they spent wandering the jungle of madness but the price of that choice is obvious in the Elves found in Haven today.

Fear and general distrust of Elves within the other races is common and often justified. Though they may have escaped the madness found within the Wyld, it remains apart of them. Naturally prone to sudden acts of indiscriminate violence, it is rare to find a solely Elven settlement thriving without strict laws and plenty of guards. But what strikes fear in the hearts of the other races is their sanguine rituals used to prolong their lifespans.

Elven Longevity

The Elves of Haven have discovered ways of prolonging their lives for decades, sometimes centuries, longer than their natural expectency through blood rituals. Normally these rituals are only performed within Ravenpeak.


This will be expanded upon later.

High Elves. The ruling caste that belive the Wyld is a threat to all life.
Wood Elves. A caste of Elves that have chosen to abandon civilization and embrace their racial madness.


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