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I am offering my knowledge of CSS/HTML5/etc. to help customize your world. As the proud creator of Bright, Darkly, Notebook, Rust, Stars, & Zen, you can feel safe in knowing what I am doing. I also worked on a few personal themes listed at the bottom.


Just DM me over Discord! I have loads of free time right now, so I should be able to start right away! I don't care if you rewrite, share, or tear apart any themes I make as long as you KEEP WORLDBUILDING!


Recolor/Fix-up: $15 USD

Lots of people enjoy the current themes available but they aren't exactly what you want. I can fix all of that. This price can absolutely be negotiated depending on how much of a change you want.

New Theme: $40 USD

There are a lot of things going on in WorldAnvil now. My prices used to be a little lower, but WorldAnvil has so much stuff now it takes a bit longer to finish a theme. I will also give Life-Time* Theme Supportâ„¢ for any theme purchased. This means if any new stuff is added, just poke me to fix it!

*If I die, this offer is void.

Theme Samples


Bright Theme
Bright Fantasy by Damion Otter


Your World, Darkly
Your World, Darkly by Damion Otter


World of Felth
World of Felth by Oneriwien


My Little Notebook
My Little Notebook by Damion Otter


Put on the Redlights
Put on the Redlights by Damion Otter


Rust in Peace
Rust in Peace by Damion Otter


Stars With Numbers
Stars With Numbers by Damion Otter


Zen Yada Yada
Zen Yada Yada by Damion Otter

Other Theme Work:

Haven, the site you are on.
Ravare, my other setting.
Ashiel, made the theme.
Forgotten Realms, made the theme.
The Future Is Now, made the theme.
Ethnis, beat the code into an organized fashion. Ademal has since made it a masterpiece.

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Author's Notes

All artwork found on this page is of my own creation.

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