Common Zombie

They aren't just mindless beasts, they are your friends. They are your family. The same person that you loved so dearly now wishes nothing more than to rip, tear, and gnaw until you are dead like them.

Common Knowledge

The most common of physical Unfallen. They are classified as a minor threat by most settlements. They are only truly dangerous in large numbers. While they possess no unique traits, all Unfallen are nearly impossible to kill without proper training.

Gravehunter's Knowledge

The common zombie is the most dangerous of Unfallen to a settlement. Many families will keep their loved ones hidden away despite having long turned. Some are even known to go as far as to feed them raw meats.

I had to kill him. I had to! He was going to kill me if I didn't! The Nine save my soul for what I have done!

Genetic Ancestor(s)
They seem to fall apart after around 60 years.

Further Reading

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