Battle of Lava Falls

The Conflict


Our legions have secured a deep entrenchment in the large cavern before the great Bellowworks. As ordered fortifications have been erected and strengthened. Meanwhile those barbarians amass in the tunnels. The sheer number of them is staggering, I'd believe the whelps were insects if not for their meaty flesh. The lava falls continue to swell with each day, we shall see them crash against a wall of fire and steel.


On either side of a great river of fire sat legions of warriors on either side of the conflict. The Uderkith forces primarily consisted of shock troops and heavy infantry while the armies of the First Men were diverse as even the slaves had taken up plows and pitchforks against their dwarves masters.


The battlefield was a treacherous expanse of volcanic rock, lava fissures, and noxious fumes. Still great armies battled here rendering the field a ruin of devestation and war.


The boiling heat sapped the strength from all but the well trained dwarves. Dim light flooded the cavern and plumes of smoke obscure the view of the bank of the lava river.

The Engagement

In a battle that lasted 18 days the First Men through themselves against their mortal enemy. Wave after wave they crashed against the stalwart defence. Again and again they were repelled. The land reeked of Carnage and blood, the metallic smell nearly palpable in the air.


Massive losses on both sides and the loss of the Uderkith's primary industrial center.


With the loss of their primary source of new equipment and repairs the Uderkith are forced to draw back. They were slowly pushed out of the mountain range and back down their dark tunnels or slaughtered for remaining.

Historical Significance


The lava falls are indeed still a mass of char and death, charred skeletons and fallen swords and shields litter the battlefield. The fall that feeds the river now pours over the remains of a great metal colossus, cleaved in two.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The Uderkith's demise was assured.


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