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In 2150, as humanity grew, things went great. Nature conservatories spanned across land as big as countries. The whole world used solar power, but no good times last long. A war began, and things started going downhill. The war raged on as a truly terrifying thing was being constructed. Deep below the surface was a military lab. Within the lab, scientists tested with nuclear weapons and found a much stronger weapon called The Thoon. When they launched the bomb, they hurried down into a bunker. They stayed inside for two months, then came out in radiation protection suits. As soon as they got out, they realized that they had made a horrible mistake. Ash blew through the air and the sky was grey. They walked by cars, crushed like tin cans and glass crunched under their feet. Towering skyscrapers were ruined obelisks, sorrowful reminders of what the world once was. All of the oceans were dry because they had evaporated. They had won the war, but they were not happy. They found that some people had survived, and they began to build a massive city inside a glass dome. The city is called Hau'jk. When the bomb went off, it awoke demons. The demons came into the city and eat humans and steal their souls.

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