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Joining of Lives


To stay together, we must fly together

We trust you to carry every one of us far away. Do you trust we won't harm you?
— First leader of Pania after the reconstruction

The ritual the people of Pania engage in when they choose to join their lives, to start their own family, it changed after the Ravi started protecting them.

The leaders of the city wanted to demonstrate to the Ravi their feelings of friendship and trust. To prove them the deep bond they hoped to build with the Ravi the leaders offered them to play a fundamental role in the Joining of Lives ritual.

The Ravi had already agreed to develop a close integration with the people of Pania and carry around their leaders when twhen and wherever they needed (or wanted). When the Ravi became part of the Joining of Lives their relationship grew stronger.


One day you won't forget. The last day of your old life

-You want to participate in the Joining of lives with Kalima tomorrow??!!
-Yes, mom. Please!
-I hope you two aren't doing this only because you're old enough and want to experience the thrill of flying in a Ravi.
-No, mom. I swear! We love each other and we want to start our own family.
- It's alright little one. I want you to be happy and learn from your older sibling's mistakes. We are going to spend a fortune but we'll do it for you and Kalima.
-Thank you mom!
— Last minute conversation between a Mother and their youngest child. -
This ritual is celebrated once a year. A collective party is held in Pania's beach where the citizens make legal and effective their joining of lives in front of the whole community. Sometimes the people taking part in the tradition are already living together.

Some people decide after much deliberation they want to participate in the ritual. Other, more impulsive, individuals decide to do it the night before or even the same day. This people's relatives usually don't take the news very well. To prepare the outfits and food for everyone is a nightmare in such a short notice. The Joining of Lives can be practiced between two or more individuals, old enough and of every gender.

The days before the ceremony the families work together to prepare the food and the last touches to their outfits. The couple, trouple, or whatever number of individuals are going to join their lives wear red and their family and friends wear white.

In the morning everybody goes to The White Beach. They set up the tents, serve the food and pay the musicians to play traditional songs or their favorite piece of music. The protagonists of the ritual and their guests dance together in a circle while the musicians play their instruments and sing in the center of the round. Every person is free to move around, dance, eat or drink to their hearts desire.

At sunset the musicians leave the center of the rounds and the couples, trouples, etc. take their places and the Ravi fly above the beach and each one of them pick a round at random and land close to them. After the landing the people who have chosen to live the rest of their lives together need to find a way to climb the Ravi with their significant other, hold on tight and survive the flight around the beach and above the sea. When they're back the guests make sure the Ravi and the new family are safe and unharmed. The Ravi are fed with the best food the family can buy. Once they're gone the party continues all night.

For most of the people involved in this ceremony this is their only chance to fly in a Ravi, unless they become leaders of Pania or soldiers. The Ravi are gentle with their passengers and always talk to them to make them feel at ease and enjoy the moment. When the ceremony was celebrated for the first time a couple of minor accidents occurred but nothing deadly happened. Maybe some bruises or fallen feathers.

The new families flying with the Ravi symbolize the bond between the people of Pania and the Ravi, their brave Saviors. They're different and unique, but they trust and love each other.


The ceremony is celebrated five days prior to the Ravi's mating season. The Ravi must announce when their mating season is arrving so the people of Pania gets ready for the ceremony.

The mating season usually begins in the first days of summer.
The White Beach

white beach

Mandatory elements for the ritual

  • Red Outfit for the new family
  • White outfit for the guests
  • Food
  • Money for the musicians and singers

The fashion stores and tailors are very busy the days before the Joining of Lives. For most of the People of Pania to have a wonderful outfit for their special day is a must. This only happens once a year!
The food industry in Pania bursts with activity too. All the families want the best they can afford for their loved ones

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5 May, 2021 18:14

This sounds like a beautiful festival. I really like the detail that some people only decide to join together the day or so before - rather impulsively! I also like that the festival is intertwined with the Ravi and their mating season. :)

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
5 May, 2021 21:05

Thank you Emy! I'll have more articles about this people and the Ravi. I hope you like those too :)

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Eternal Grandmaster AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
28 May, 2021 11:31

Great ritual! This is the perfect way to make the wedding day special :D   Is divorce possible? I'd imagine some people would want to get married often to enjoy the privilege of flying the Ravis more often XD

31 May, 2021 12:24

XD Yes, divorce is common in Pania, and it's allowed to participate again in the ritual. At the beginning people got married and divorced very often and the Ravis thought they were very willy but adorable. With time people started to appreciate more this ritual and now very few go to all the trouble of getting divorced and remarried just for the fun of flying with a Ravi.

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