Guardians of Misfortune

Year 33 ADP

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Welcome to the Guardians of Misfortune Website!

This guild is 18+ due to themes, mature content, and other concerns.

Founded by a fallen paladin and a dwarf who has given up her titles the Guardians of Misfortune represent a symbol of hope in the world. Their goals to bring justice, hope, and life to those who have been forgotten by the upper classes of the world take them anywhere on Azeroth, surviving on the donations of those they help or what they can find on the road in the process keeps them constantly on the move. They seek to help anyone that is being wrongfully treated, even beyond the Alliance. Traveling overland is how they find people who need their aid, to use portals or flying everywhere would deny them that assistance. It's not the destination, it's the journey. Investigating the hidden places and powers of Azeroth the Guard seeks adventure and the ability to help those who cannot help themselves. This mission makes them a unique blend of Honorable Order, Explorers, Neutral Militia, and most of all a Band of Misfits dedicated to one another and to their goals.

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