Initiates are new members of the guild. They have few permissions OOCly and their word does not count for much ICly due to their newness among the group.


Go through an introductory RP session with an officer to properly introduce your character to the Guard and go over some of the IC aspects. This meeting can be just about anything that gets your character into contact with the Guard and it is encouraged that you be creative with it. The officers will work with you to facilitate most requests.


Initiates see to the general wellbeing of the Guard by assisting the Rangers, Spellswords, Artisans, and Fighters with whatever they may require.


Initiates are responsible for the Day to Day needs of the Guard. Usually filling a role as grunt laborer, they get the jobs no one else really wants to do while they are proving themselves to the leaders.

Civic, Military, Generic
Reports directly to


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