Champions are the uplifted heroes of the Guard. They have proven themselves time and time again as a true leader and someone that truly upholds the values of the Guard. They are both an IC and OOC officer.  

Current Champions

There are no current Champions. If you are interested please read through this page and contact one of the Wardens!



  • Complete a Trial of Valor designed by the Wardens. This is a unique trial created individually for each Champion in order to prove their worth
  • Be a dedicated member of the Guard and showing initiative to lead IC
  • Being a Protector


Champions have a responsibility among the guild. In order to ensure that an individual can handle that responsibility they will need to do the following:
  • Design and Execute an RP campaign storyline of at least four consecutive events. The topic of this storyline can be anything but requires prior submission to the Wardens to ensure everything lines up and to help with any coaching.
  • Design a 4 event story quest to help a Member get a desired D20 Custom trait and submit it to a Warden. The Champion will then lead the events ICly and OOCly to guide the member through the story. This will help to demonstrate teamwork and commitment to each other in this position ICly and OOCly and provide Guild and Character development.
  • Demonstrate abilities to keep order among the guild and hold members to our high standards of RP
  • Demonstrate an ability to stand in as a leader should both Warden's be gone


Champions work together with the Wardens to ensure that the goals and morality of the Guard are being upheld. This sometimes results in a confrontation between the two parties over issues. They are also charged with the duty of helping the Wardens maintain order and morale among the Guard.


Champions are the most skilled people within the Order other than the Wardens themselves. They represent the strength, skill, leadership, and heart of the Guard. They maintain military order and discipline when necessary, give orders and execute commands given by the Wardens.

Civic, Military, Generic
Equates to
Source of Authority
The Wardens, and the trust of the people below them in rank
Reports directly to


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