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How much could a goat float if a goat got to float on a goat-float?
— Ancient Goatish spiritual chant.
Whatever floats your goat, pal.
— Kaah, Queen of the Iron-Goats to King Ahahwuh when he attempted to dissuade her from environmental destruction.
  A Goat-Float is a marvellous piece of technology invented by the Order of Engineering, a group of technologically minded goats from Ahahwuh's Order. Upon blowing into a small rubber cap for several minutes the now-deployed Goat-Float allows the wearer to float on any body of water safely. They have a military, recreational and construction purpose, and can be used for any activity that involves a body of water, especially lakes, motes and rivers. Some Goat-Floats are heavily armoured but kept magically buoyant via Runehorn.


It's used to increase the comfort and swimming abilities of goats that need to engage in aquatic activities. It increases their buoyancy greatly.
Access & Availability
Most goats within Ahahwuh's Order can easily afford one and most military units own one as part of their soldier's kit.
It's a ring. It's made of rubber, yo. There's a little cap to blow in and everything.
During the great voyage to the lands that Ahahwuh's people now settle, the newly formed faction needed to move a small population down an enormous river that spanned the continent. His royal advisor, Gurhh, had a simply elegant solution. Not all of them could swim, but what if theycould float. Gurhh was a Runehorn and used his mystical powers to conjure a ring of rubber filled with air. Upon the discovery of their current home and after the founding of the Order of Engineering by Gurhh himself, massive improvements were made on the standard ring, creating the modern Goat-Float, now usable by non-Runehorn goats, requiring only Oxygen from the lungs.
Goat Float cover

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