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The Universe that contains the world of Glan'Amar sits as a bright pearl of light amidst the dark chaos of the Void. Within the world nations clash and fight for territory, spell-weavers bring great powers to bear, and all the while fantastical beings work to manipulate events in their favor and creatures from Outside strive to enter.   The world is old and has seen its fair share of conflict both mortal and divine. It has felt the rage of dragons, the destruction of gods, and the power of mortals who reach too far before they realize they can not control what they call, and all the while ancient spirits sleep within forests and mountains, beneath waves and above the clouds waiting for the days when they are relevant once more.   Here amid conflict and attempted peace our heroes carve out their path. For good or ill, their actions will cause ripples that will be felt for years to come.   Inspirations: Dresden Files, Mistborn, LotR, Dragonlance, Pathfinder, Forgotten Realms, the Magicians and others.   My goal is to make Glan'Amar, "the Bright World", a world of centuries of history and mystery (that rhymed... sorry) with pantheons of gods, spirits, fey, devils, and other beings that play their own games among the denizens.

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