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Nymwen Aranathar is a prim, seriously-looking high elf with short, wavy black hair. She wears a high-necked dress with a formal white cravat, a look which accurately previews her stern, often businesslike demeanor. She has a high, almost whiny voice, which softens only when she speaks of poetry.   Nymwen is a cleric of the knowledge domain, and therefore a scholar — although she dabbles secretly in the domain of death. She conducts her research within a vast library in a large city. While she is passingly acquainted with her fellow scholars and librarians, the institution is large enough that she is able to remain fairly secretive about the specifics of her work — a benefit, in her view. She is not particularly friendly and is extremely slow to trust.      

A Study of Rebirth

All of Nymwen's research is focused on resurrection. She is willing to approach the question of reviving the dead from every angle, and has studied divine, arcane, and even necromantic means of healing and revivifying the dead. She is interested in both true resurrection and the darker art of raising dead bodies without their souls in tact. Because of her lack of moral distinction between healing and necromancy, Nymwen is aware that her work may ruffle feathers if exposed. As a result, she is very secretive about her research.  

Love Never Dies

Years ago, Nymwen found a book of poetry written by a poet named Ayana. This poet, a human woman, lived nearly two hundred years ago, and died young from some wasting disease. Nymwen, through reading Ayana's poetry, has become convinced that the writer is her soul mate, the only person who would truly understand her. This spawned Nymwen's fanatical fascination with rebirth. She now pursues the art of the true resurrection, prepared to attempt grave robbing in order to facilitate her unethical necromantic quest to raise Ayana from her century-old grave so that the two can be together.    
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Can you fault me? Would you not do anything to be united with your soul mate, the being you are meant to love?
Age 35
Gender Female
Occupation Scholar
Alignment True Neutral
Sexuality Lesbian

What Nymwen Wants

Nymwen wants to raise Ayana, the long-dead poet, from her grave so that they can be together.

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