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Morelia is a wood elf witch who lives in a vine-covered cottage just outside a small town. Her long, curly hair forms a chaotic cloud around her head, upon which is perched a green pointed hat with leaves dripping off the brim. She tucks a wooden spoon for stirring potions into her belt, which is decked with pouches full of herbs and ingredients.   Morelia is very friendly and always looks for the best in those around her. She wants to be helpful, and is well known in her village for providing small charms and magics to aid the villagers. She is a skilled magic user capable of performing powerful enchantments and experienced with potion-making, but often makes mistakes due to being disorganized, forgetful, and distractible. As a result, her potions may come with unintended side effects, and her charms may not always work precisely as intended.   Inside Morelia's cottage is organized chaos. Bottles, plants and other magical items litter the shelves and surfaces, and a large cauldron dominates the center of the room, usually with something brewing in it. Despite the clutter, Morelia knows where everything is... or so she'll tell you.  

A Furry Friend

Morelia shares her cottage with Cremini, a white cat with shocking gold eyes. While he helps keep the mice away, he has also been known to cause trouble in the shop, knocking over bottles or eating ingredients. Cremini is very social and loves to get attention from Morelia's customers — but he might act out if he's feeling ignored.  

A Delicate Matter

Last spring, a mistake with one of Morelia's batches of love potions caused multiple townspeople to fall in love with her. This was very stressful for Morelia, who shut her doors and hid from them until traveling adventurers were able to procure the key ingredient for the antidote: Pixie's Tongue Ivy. Now, Morelia has sworn off love potions and refuses to make or sell them.    
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I think Cremini may have peed in this bottle. I don’t think this is a potion.
Age 216
Gender Female
Occupation Wood Witch
Alignment Lawful Good
Sexuality Asexual

What Morelia Wants

Morelia is always in need of rare or interesting plants and other ingredients for her work. While she does not deal in coin, she is always happy to trade for her services.

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