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Geo Ultima

November 13th, 2019 AM

Created by

Everything we thought we know was wrong, all of those unsolved mysteries were part of a conspiracy that kept the world in the dark. Ever since the 1700's, there was a secret society that aimed to understand the supernatural.   When supernatural creatures caused havoc amongst humanity, this secret society made their goal to suppress the supernatural for the sake of humanity's safety and sanity. Over the years, both the society and the supernatural faded into myth. By the 1920's, this secret society became present worldwide and had entrusted authority necessary to suppress anything related to the supernatural.   Humanity grew curious about the supernatural, but the powers that be only allowed a small amount to be open to the public. They only gave us enough to not raise too many questions. Those who came across supernatural creatures were dismissed by hired scientists to debunk them, and those who claim to have magical powers were scrutinized.   The secret society thought that they had succeeded, they had ensured that humanity could live a sane and safe existence from the dark corners of the universe. This only lasted until the present day, where it all went wrong for them.   A dead tree in Oregon changed into a white tree with colour-changing leaves. This event sparked an increase of supernatural activity, sightings of supernatural creatures rapidly went viral every day. Mutating epidemics, the rebirth of magic and the discovery of supernatural creatures flooded the internet.   When it came to the news networks, that was when the secret society knew they had failed. Rumors spread that evil is coming to the world, and panic ruled the minds of the public. The society wanted ignorant sheep to keep calm, but now the world knows the truth and it seems as if all hell has broken loose.