Play this video while reading. [] Geislheim, meaning the Shining Realm or the Home of Light is the world of the Swedish roleplaying game Celenia: Mörka Skuggor (Celenia: Dark Shadows). It's a low-to-mid fantasy world where three major races, the Kykr, form the great Civilization of Arjin. They've grown to dominate the continent and have spread to several countries, cultures and religions. The races do not live segregated from each other, but instead find comfort in their faith and nationality over ethnicity. Recently a new continent, named Celenia, has been discovered and this has forced the major countries of the mainland, Arjin, to cease hostilities. They simply cannot afford to squabble amongst themselves as all resources go towards the exploration and exploitation of the new continent, and it has sprung the countries into a frenzied gold rush to colonize the new land. Meanwhile, old rivalries are bubbling under the surface of this unofficial truce, and with the rise of a new ruler in the grand Empire of Kvandr things are looking very tense as war again looms on the horizon. Perhaps the promise of glory can hold the conflict at bay. There is however a dark history surrounding the recently discovered continent and the the dark shadows of Celenia seem to be spreading... For a quick and dirty guide to the world of Geislheim, head over to the Crash Course in Geislheim.

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